Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reviews, reviews, reviews...why are they important?

Tuesdays are usually reserved for a Top Ten list of some sort, but I haven't done one in a while, and I actually tried to make this topic into a top ten list.  I just couldn't do it.

With my next book coming out soon I've been thinking a lot about marketing.  I know a lot of authors don't pay attention to reviews, good or bad.  They don't want to see what people have to say.  They trust their editors and they'd rather keep doing what they do and loving it.  This is a hard business to be in and you definitely have to have thick skin.  I know that not everyone will like what I write, and I'm okay with that because for every person that doesn't there is a person that does.  That brings me to why you should leave a review if you enjoy indie authors or authors from smaller publishers...

1. Because I want you to...pretty simple, right?

2. Leaving a review on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles (or any other site for that matter) helps other readers find our books.

3. For every negative review there could be a positive review.  People are less likely to say the good things but people almost always share their negative thoughts.  Help change that...

4. I like to know what people think.  Other authors do too.

5. Good reviews can bump rankings higher on vendor's sites.

6. We can use reviews to improve.

7. It gives you a chance to express the journey you went through while reading.  You get to be the writer for once.

I almost made it to ten, but not quite.  Hey, I tried!  Leaving a review really does help us and we appreciate it.

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