Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Now Available in Paperback...From the Rubble

For everyone who's been waiting, it's here!  The paperback edition of From the Rubble is now available on Amazon.

A big thanks to my publisher Rebel Ink Press!

For more information on From the Rubble click here.

Thanks again to everyone that made this possible.  I greatly appreciate all your love and support!

Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm sure some of you are thinking "what the hell is NaNoWrMo?"

Well, for those of you who don't know, NaNoWrMo is a writing challenge that takes place in the month of November.  NaNoWrMo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  The challenge is to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  You register and track your progress and when you're done if you met the goal you submit your novel and get some goodies.

I've had a bit of writer's block lately and I've had so many stories floating around in my head that I wasn't sure what to work on.  I debated doing NaNo just to focus my attention on one story and to challenge myself to write A LOT in one month.  I made the decision to sign up but I was having trouble deciding what to work on.  I have three stories that I think about a lot, some are plotted, some I've worked on a little bit, but I just couldn't commit to work on one.  Then I realized it's the 29th.  That means I only have a few days to decide and plot.  Scary!

I finally decided and I feel much better.  Stay tuned for more on my progress with NaNoWrMo!

To find out more or sign up for yourself visit NaNoWrMo.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Vampire Movies

Continuing with my celebration of October and all things spooky today's Top Ten Tuesday is all about vampire movies.  Vampires are probably my second favorite in the horror genre.  I love them in books and movies.

Now, there are all different kinds of vampires these days.  The legends and myths have morphed and changed.  I do still enjoy some things about the new vampires, but I love the old stories the most.

I would like to point out that these are in no particular order.  Narrowing them down was hard enough.

10. Shadow of the Vampire
9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8. Interview with the Vampire
7. Blade
6. Queen of the Damned
5. 30 Days of Night
4. Dracula (1992)
3. From Dusk Till Dawn
2. The Lost Boys
1. Stake Land

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh the Horror...

Today my friend and fellow author, Kate Roth, is stopping by to share her feelings on horror, Halloween, and October.

I’m one of the weirdos. That certain kind of person who loves to be frightened. I like horror movies, scary shows and creepy books. Around Halloween I always get the urge to watch as many horror films as I can, DVR the ghost hunting adventure shows and break out my Stephen King’s.

Not everyone can get on board with horror and I suppose I can understand why. There are a lot of things in life to actually be afraid of so why bring it upon you by getting wrapped up in stories of murder and hauntings?

Well, because it’s fun. Tension building, heart pounding, looking around to make sure you aren’t being watched—it’s all part of the fun of horror. As with all entertainment, it’s escapism. Sometimes you want to escape to Hogwarts or Middle Earth. Other times it’s the countryside where the man of your dreams waits for you. But every now and then you want to find escape in the darkened hallways of that old hotel, that mansion on a hill, the abandoned asylum. Where things go bump in the night and you challenge yourself to survive whoever—or whatever is chasing you.

I’ve often wanted to write horror but I don’t think I have it in me. I’ve tried and it never comes out right. I’ll leave it to those authors who have the horror bone and can truly tell a chilling tale. I’ll stick to the sappy stuff.
Here’s a list of a few of my spooky faves from all media.

     ·         A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – I adore Freddy! He’s wisecracking and terrifying all at once. And—spoiler—I always love a story with a kick-ass chick who can defeat the bad guy.
  •          Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill – Stephen King’s son gives daddy a run for his money with this novel about a troubled rock star that inadvertently purchases a ghost. It scared me in broad daylight and left me wanting to take a cross county road trip with some AC/DC playing on full blast.
  •          An American Horror Story – Season one of this creepy FX show completely changed the way I think of horror. Who knew you could be so scared by what can be shown on cable? So excited for season two in which a new cast, setting and storyline will be played out.
  •          Celebrity Ghost Stories – Okay so call this one lame if you will but I love this show. “Celebrities” (aka D-listers and people you barely recognize from 80’s and 90’s sitcoms) share their personal accounts of hauntings while no-name actors reenact the scenario. Let’s just say it fills the void left in me by the loss of one of my childhood favorites, Unsolved Mysteries.
Thanks again to Kate Roth for stopping by today.  To find out more about Kate and her writing visit her website.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

From the Rubble: The First Chapter of the Last Chapter

Just in case your curious...

Chapter One

Layla clutched the grayed wood in her hands so tightly her knuckles went white.  All she could do was stare at the worn wood and the initials carved in it as moments ticked slowly by.  She wasn’t sure how much time had passed before she willed her body to stand.  Seconds?  Minutes?  Still stunned and unsure, she walked mechanically to the counter and grabbed her phone.  Pursing her lips, she thought hard about her next step. Whatever she did could change things forever. For better or worse she wasn’t sure.  Excitement and curiosity ran through her and Layla tossed the phone back on the counter and rushed to her front door.  Praying she wasn’t too late she took the steps of her loft two at a time, landing on the sidewalk breathless and barefoot.  Craning her neck, she looked left then right but there was no Taylor in sight.  What was she going to say anyway?  It was probably for the best.  Tucking her blonde hair behind her ear, she headed back inside reminding herself his gift could mean nothing.  It could simply be a peace offering.  A show of his acceptance of their situation.  Layla knew it could merely be Taylor’s way of saying that he was trying to make the best of what had happened between them.

Layla wasn’t getting her hopes up.  She knew the romantic part of their relationship was over, but she couldn’t help the quickening pace of her heart when she thought about what she wanted that piece of old wood to mean.  What it could mean.  If she hadn’t screwed up and made decisions that weren’t hers to make.  The future that could’ve been played out in Layla’s mind and it was a whole relationship, a whole history that never existed because she’d hidden something from Taylor.  Something big.  Something she could never take back.  What could have been was a future she’d never know.
Layla walked down the hall, her footsteps light, and peeked into Lexi’s room before she headed to her own.  Her daughter slept peacefully, her brown curls splayed out on her pillow.  With a sad smile, Layla slipped the wooden relic between some sheets piled on the top shelf of her closet.  Out of sight, out of mind.


Taylor sat in his car tapping the steering wheel nervously.  The second he'd left the white box in Layla’s hands and headed down the steps of her loft apartment, he’d wanted to sprint back and take it from her.  It was a stupid gesture and he wasn’t even sure what he meant by it.  After screaming at Layla in her shop, he’d gone home and paced his small apartment.  It had felt good to get his anger out.  It seemed to clear his head a bit and with his thoughts less jumbled, he needed a way to show Layla he was sorry and that he wanted to move forward.  Forward to where he wasn’t sure, but forward none the less.  So he’d dug through his still unpacked boxes and found the only thing he knew could say what he needed to.  Sighing, he rested his head on the steering wheel.  In retrospect, maybe giving her the wooden piece had said too much.
The past few weeks had been a roller coaster for him.  His father’s death, finding out he had a daughter, and seeing the girl he’d been sure was “the one” for the first time in years.  Taylor had the feeling he wasn’t any closer to getting off the ride.  He only knew now that his anger had started to clear, it left him with a mess of other emotions to work through.  He had to learn how to be a father and fast.  Then there was the ever present sizzle he still felt whenever Layla was near.  Taylor wasn’t sure he'd ever get past what she'd done but he had the inkling his love for her was bigger than her lie. 

From the Rubble is available in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ARe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Release Day: From the Rubble

Well, it's finally here.  The release of the follow up to Tears in the Rubble, From the Rubble.  I'm up way too early searching for purchase links for you and stressing about going to work today.  Why?  I'm not really sure.  It's just what I do.

Join Taylor and Layla for the final chapter of their journey in the long awaited follow up to Tears in the Rubble.

In the wake of a terrible betrayal, Taylor and Layla bury their feelings for the other, good and bad, just to get by day to day.  Forced together because of their daughter, Taylor struggles to forgive Layla so he falls into the role of fatherhood, naturally striving to be the best father he can be.

Layla’s guilt overwhelms her as she fights herself over her feelings for Taylor.  After all, she doesn’t believe she deserves another chance.  She’s already had too many. 

Making a family out of a broken relationship won’t be easy, but with both Taylor and Layla pushing forward, will they ever find a new normal?  Will they ever confront their feelings for one another?

From the Rubble is now available in ebook format at AmazonARe and Barnes and Noble.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From the Rubble Playlist...

If you read Tears in the Rubble (and you should have if you're reading From the Rubble) you may have seen my playlist.  I love music.  It influences many parts of my life, so here are the songs that influenced or remind me of Taylor and Layla's journey in From the Rubble.

1. Youth Group-Forever Young
2. The Flys-Got You (Where I Want You)
3. Jem-Amazed
4. Aerosmith-Cryin'
5. Lady Antebellum-Just A Kiss
6. Taylor Swift-Today Was a Fairytale
7. The Lumineers-Ho Hey
8. Breaking Benjamin-Breath
9. Anna Ternheim-My Heart Still Beats For You

Hope you all enjoy my little playlist!  Don't forget release day is tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Paranormal/Supernatural Movies

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is all about the paranormal and supernatural.  Ghost, exorcisms, demons, maybe even the Devil himself.

These are in no particular order...

10. The Exorcist
9. The Sixth Sense
8. A Haunting in Connecticut
7. The Evil Dead
6. Drag Me to Hell
5. The Ring
4. The Omen (1976)
3. Silent Hill
2. Grave Encounters
1. Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Slasher Flicks

If you know me you know how much I love Halloween and how much I love horror movies.  So I thought what better way to spend my October blogging time than talking about those things.  Now, you're probably thinking a whole month?  Oh yes!  I can go on and on and I plan too.

You may also think it's weird for someone who's written Romance to love horror but..... I do.

Now, horror is such a broad genre I thought I'd break it down a bit.  We're starting our first Top Ten Tuesday with Slasher Flicks which are my all time favorite.

10. My Bloody Valentine (2009)

9. Harper's Island
(This was not a movie but a slasher flick disguised as a mini series.)

8. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

7. Wes Craven's New Nightmare

6.  Psycho (1960)

 5. Scream

4. Friday the 13th (1980)

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

1. Halloween (1978)

Bonus:  Rob Zombie's Halloween  I love this movie almost as much as the original.  Also The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994) and the remake from 2003 are pretty high on my list.

I can go on and on.  It was hard for me to narrow this down and I was surprised by how many I'd forgotten about..