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From Brady to Cora...

A little bit about where the characters came from...

Five years have passed since Cora Daniels left home. She’s back and supposed to be starting over.

She left seeking freedom, the chance to find herself. It turned out she wasn’t who she thought she’d become.

One poisonous relationship, two tragic events, and what seems like a lifetime of guilt leave her jaded and unsure of how to start a new life.
She’s alone. Left behind to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Until she meets Brady Maxwell.

He’s warm, caring, and incredibly attractive. When a friendship blooms, Cora fears what will happen when the spark between them undoubtedly catches fire.

Almost Never is available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and in paperback.

I’ve never been good at putting my thoughts on paper. I know how I feel. I can show you how I feel, but today I wanted to do something special to tell you how I feel.
The first time I saw you, I knew you were special. You’re eyes told me. Behind that sadness, I could see your spirit. You’re passion. I won’t lie. I wanted to capture it. I’m a selfish man after all.
I wanted to unlock it, to get to know you, to put some laughter into your heart.
I wanted to be the only one to give you that.
Once again, I’m a selfish man.
I may not always do the right things or say the right things. But whatever I did to earn your trust, to gain your heart I’d do again and again.
I will do it again.
Every day.
For the rest of our lives.
Because you’re spending the rest of your life with me.

Your Knight in Shining Armor

Valentine's Day in Western Palm part 2

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Angry and jealous. Two words that perfectly describe Jason Parker. The only thing that matters is numbing his pain, doubt, and guilt. 

With the guilt comes the realization that he can’t survive all alone. He intends to make amends, to seek forgiveness, but when his stepbrother’s ex-girlfriend shows up, Jason can’t deny the pull he feels toward the pretty brunette.

A steamy night in high school with Corinne pushed him toward the downward spiral he’s been riding. He knows he should keep his distance but he can’t seem to make it happen. Corinne is different than she was at seventeen. She's no longer the spoiled brat out to be arm candy like her mother taught her. She sees something in Jason. Something he desperately wants to believe is real.

Once he gives in he gives it his all, he can only hope everyone is ready to see the real Jason Parker.

Jason and Corinne didn't have much luck on their first Valentine's day. Will they make this one better?

Valentine's Day in Western Palm

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When Tess meets step-brothers Blake and Jason, their differences and her past push her toward Jason even though she’s instantly drawn to Blake.  Tess quickly learns people aren’t always who they seem to be when her relationship with Jason ends. 

A spring break trip pushes Blake and Tess together leaving them unable to deny the way they feel for each other.  While they fall for one another Tess’ history with Jason leads them to try to keep their growing relationship a secret from their friends.  Sneaking around and hiding behind doors adds a certain spark, but they both feel the countdown ticking, leaving them wondering when it will all come out and what will happen. 

An angry Jason spills a secret from his and Blake’s past that makes Tess question how real her relationship with Blake was.  Secrets can ruin everything. 

Can the truth bring them back together?

How do Blake and Tess spend Valentine's day?

Valentine's Day in Hollow Oaks

Layla Swanson is terrified of getting stuck in her small town, Hollow Oaks.  So, she’s made a plan.  Graduate her tiny high school, go to college away from home, and get her dream job.  She’s studied hard and devoted her high school career to reaching her goal. 

Graduation is just around the corner, and Layla is faced with the only person who could ever throw a wrench in her plan, Taylor Scott.  He’s her childhood best friend and despite the years since they’ve been close he knows her better than anyone else.  A chance meeting leads them down a road Layla never imagined. 

Now, Layla has to choose between her longtime plan to get away from Hollow Oaks and the one who’s captured her heart.  

Tears in the Rubble is available to read for free on kindle unlimited.

Now for a little note from Taylor to Layla.