Monday, March 24, 2014

Hushed Playlist

If you follow my posts closely or know me at all you know that music is a huge part of my writing process. I'm always making a note of new songs that remind me of my stories or the characters in them.  I always have a playlist for when I'm working on something and my third release, Hushed, is no different.

So if you'd like to know what inspire certain scenes, reminded me of how Blake or Tess felt, or just plain reminded me of their story here's the Hushed playlist.

The Funeral-Band of Horses
Gentleman-Theory of a Deadman
Talk That Talk-Rihanna
Birthday Cake-Rihanna
Lights Down-Ellie Goulding
David Guetta ft Sia-Titanium
You're Going Down-Sick Puppies
Alive Adelita's-Way
One Republic-Counting Stars
Starlight-Taylor Swift
Never Ever Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift
Next Girl-The Black Keys
How to be a Heartbreaker-Marina & the Diamonds
The Reason-Hoobastank
Hold Fast-Lucero
Things I'll Never Say-Avril Levigne
Summertime-Lana Del Ray
The Last Time-Gary Lightbody/Taylor Swift

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cover Reveal: Sway by Kate Roth

The second book in the Confession Records Collection, Sway, will be available May 1st.

Love. Family. Business.

Talent manager, Beau Harris only cares about one of those things. His career is suddenly in a downward spiral and the only friend he has left is client and pop star, Vanessa Curtis.

Seeking refuge from the life he’s come to loathe, Beau moves in with Vanessa to focus on her upcoming tour. Yet unexpectedly, he ends up focusing more on his budding friendship with her sister and back-up dancer, Whitney.

Finally able to open up, Beau and Whitney share with each other the vulnerabilities they’ve hidden from the rest of the world. Unable to deny that their connection burns deeper than attraction, they’re forced to confront the feelings they’ve long since given up on. But the emotional baggage, the struggle to break old patterns, and the fear of what Vanessa will think makes falling in love more complicated than they could’ve imagined.

Love. Family. Business.

Those three things now hopelessly woven together, Beau will have to fight for the happily ever after he never knew he truly wanted.

Sway is a stand alone, adult contemporary romance and the second in the Confession Records collection, but may be better understood after reading Natural Harmony.

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If you haven't already check out the first book in the collection, Natural Harmony.

Available Now, book #1 in the Confession Records collection, Natural Harmony

Meet Beau before he meets Whitney in Sway!

Suddenly named the acting president of her uncle’s record label, former pop princess Sabrina Walker is finally ready to grow up. While her professional life moves forward, she still clings to the last fragment of her past life in the form of an uncertain relationship with her manager, Beau.

When Sabrina hires handsome, young assistant, Wade Lawson, he awakens in her the hidden confidence she’s always desired. What starts as a casual affair quickly intensifies to something much more.

Sabrina must decide—return to the familiar life of an insecure one-hit-wonder, or embrace Wade and the woman his passion has helped reveal.

Natural Harmony is a stand alone, adult contemporary romance and the first in the Confession Records collection.

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