Friday, September 14, 2012

The One and Only...Nina Jordan

Hey everyone!  My friend and fellow Rebel, Kate Roth, is dropping by with one of the characters from her debut novel, The Low Notes.  Nina Jordan is going to answer a few questions for us.  Thanks Kate and Nina! 

1.      So Nina, I understand you’re in high school.  What’s that like?  What grade are you in?
I’m a senior, finally free. High school has been okay but I’m definitely ready to spread my wings a little bit.

2.      Is there anything you are looking forward to this year?  Dances?  Football games?
The senior choir concert is the only major thing I’m looking forward to. It’ll be the first time I perform at school. I guess prom is on the list but I’m still not sure about it.

3.      Do you have any cute teachers?  When I was younger all my teachers were older ladies.
Um, yeah I guess. There’s one guy…I mean teacher. He’s sort of good looking.

4.      I understand you have a passion for music.  Tell me about that.  Who are some of your favorites?
Music is my life! I love to sing and play piano. I can play a little guitar too but I’m rusty. I love everything from old standard singers like Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone to Adele and Maroon 5. I can even get down with some 1980’s rock if I’m feeling fun.

5.      Is your family supportive of your love of music?
Sure, I think. My dad travels for work so he can’t always make it to performances but he’s always been willing to pay for lessons. He bought me the most beautiful piano for my twelfth birthday.

6.      Are you dating anyone?
No. Um, well…it’s complicated. I mean, no. No I’m not.

7.      What are your college plans?  Are you sticking around Wexley Falls?
The Big Apple is calling my name. I’m outta here…leaving it all behind.

8.      What’s the one thing in your wardrobe you can’t live without?
I have a pretty awesome dress collection that I’d be sad to lose. Most are fancy and impractical but I can’t resist a great dress.

9.      What do you think of all of these reality shows?  I know most girls your age are obsessed.
Not really my thing. I haven’t had a lot of time to watch TV lately. I guess I’m a little distracted…with school and all.

10.  Okay, last one.  We’ll make it a fun one.  What’s your go to snack?  The one thing that makes you feel better or just always sounds good.
It’s not so much a snack but I love breakfast foods. Pancakes are my favorite. So yummy!

Thanks again for stopping by!

To find out more about Kate Roth or to find out where to buy The Low Notes go to Kate's website.

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