Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love is in the air....

Spring has sprung!  And in the spirit of things I have one of my favorite people here to talk about her first date with her wonderful hubby.  I'd like to welcome Kate Roth.  She is a fellow Rebel and her first novel, The Low Notes, is due out this summer from Rebel Ink Press.

I met my husband a little more than 7 years ago and quite honestly when I met him I couldn't stand him. We were working together and had our orientation and training at the same time with a group of a few others. Looking back I realize how cool I was trying to be, like the badass girl who didn't care about some dumb class. And my husband, well he is the quintessential nerd. I was so annoyed by him because he kept asking questions keeping us there longer.

Cut to a few months later when I spotted him in the halls at work. I was instantly taken aback but the fact that he had grown a beard in the time since we had last seen each other. I thought "Oh that dorky guy is pretty cute."

We developed a little work friendship, eating lunch together and sharing inside jokes and small talk and then one day he took his break and came to find me. He asked me if I would go to Starbucks with him after work and I agreed. Actually I think I said, "like a date?" and he assured me it was a date.

Sitting in Starbucks drinking our coffees, we talked for hours. I was still living at home and had dinner plans with my family but I stopped caring what time it was and what my mom might have been making for dinner. I kept thinking how nice his eyes were. He was kind and funny. Hilarious actually. And we didn't once run out of things to talk about or things we had in common. Finally it was time for him to drive me back to work to get my car. He was sweet and asked for my phone number kind of shy-like. I happily gave it to him and headed home.

My sister was over and I jokingly said to her, "He was so sweet! I think I'll marry him."

Eight months after that date he proposed. Two years after that date we said "I do." And seven years later I still love the story of how it all began.   

If you'd like to know more about Kate and her writing check out her blog (which is where I will be today talking about my very own first date) or you can find her out on Facebook

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