Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNoWrMo Progress...

Well, I've been busy working on NaNoWrMo as I said I would be.  I started off great and I was ahead on word count for quite a while.  I've been having writing dates with an author friend of mine, and it's actually forced me to be more productive.

This weekend proved to be rough though.  I was busy and worn out from work throughout the week.  I have to admit I hit a snag and didn't write at all for two days.  No big deal since I was ahead.  It will be easy to catch up I told myself.

Monday rolled around and I needed to write about 4,000 words to be caught up and 6,000 to be ahead like I had been before.  I sat down and tried my hardest.  I really did.  But...it didn't happen.  I'm still behind.  I have managed to write a bit today, and I'm going to keep going.

Writing this way has been difficult for me.  I don't usually plot a lot.  I follow an outline.  My characters tend to take over so it's easier to outline and go with the flow.  I also don't usually write linearly.  I skip around quite a bit and then go back and play connect the dots.  Well, the point of NaNo being to start and keep writing as much as you can for a whole month has put me out of whack.  I can't go back and edit.  When things get slow and I want to skip ahead I tell myself not to.  I'm having fun though.

So off I go.  Back to work on my NaNo story.  Wish me luck!!

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