Friday, June 15, 2012

Tears in the Rubble: Did you know?

Here are some interesting things you probably don’t know about Tears in the Rubble…

The bar Ophelia’s is named after one of Shakespeare’s characters.

The scene for Taylor and Layla’s “first date” was a pizza place originally called Crust Lover’s (because at the time I couldn't come up with anything else).

For about 3 years Tears in the Rubble was lovingly referred to as “The Barn Story”.

The story was originally a love triangle between Taylor, Layla, and Ben, but they just wouldn’t have it.

Taylor’s last name at one point was Daniels then I realized his last name was Scott and his middle name was Daniel.

I started writing this as a young adult piece.

There were two different beginning to Tears in the Rubble

It had a prologue at one point, but I decided to use the prologue in chapter one as a flashback instead.

There you have it a few fun facts about my little world.  Don't forget the rest of Taylor and Layla's story is coming soon!

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