Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Passing of an Icon...

Today, at the age of 84, a great innovator of the beauty and fashion industry passed away.

  I find myself inspired to tell you about this because his career and life fascinated me.  Vidal Sassoon led an amazing life and he had a vision.  A vision that he saw through.  He came from nearly nothing and had very little education.  Yet he was determined.  He started as a shampoo boy when he was 14.  And his career advanced from there.

Doing hair was an art form to him.  He changed the styling industry forever.  Before Sassoon women were going to the salon weekly wearing stiff set styles that weren't flattering to all.  He saw ways for women to have cuts and styles manageable at home.  Styles that flattered their face shapes.  And styles that were just plain edgy.  Hair became an accessory.  And he helped invent the mini skirt and we can't hate him for that.

He built an empire in England and then headed to New York.  Doing the same there.  He ended up with a brand including styles, products, clothing, and he even hosted his own tv show.  He styled hair for celebrities and on movie sets.  If I only accomplish a quarter of what he did in my own hair styling career I will be happy.

Vidal Sassoon was an icon.  An innovator.  And an artistic genius.

I will always remember and look up to you.  RIP Vidal Sassoon.

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