Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Day!

Well, for those of you that don't know, I live in Indiana.  We are currently under a blizzard warning.  Never had that happen in my thirty years.  I've endured quite a few snow days though.

I woke up this morning after all this talk of five to twelve inches of snow and forty mile per hour winds to find an inch or so on the ground.  I drag myself awake (I'm not a morning person) and head in to work.  I host at a breakfast place part time.  I make it there no problem.  I grew up where they never plow so a little snow is no big deal.

After working for half and hour I look outside and can barley see.  It's just white.  I get a text from my mom shortly after that telling me not to leave the house...she worries about me.  Too late for that though.  The snow keeps coming down and the wind is pretty crazy.  Then the boyfriend calls and says I should head home and stay there...he worries too...shhh. :)  The owner calls and checks in so some of us go home.  It's not the kind of day for people to be out and about eating breakfast.  I made it home safe and sound.  Now, I'm having a snow day and I have to say even though I say I miss these.  I'm not so sure anymore.  I'm getting a bit restless.

The good news is I've made some progress on my failed NaNoWrMo story.  I did some much needed research on Maya culture and on Belize and Guatemala.  I've been editing a bit so I can get back on track with actually writing the story.  I feel pretty good about it.

Now you say...Maya, Belize, and Guatemala?  What could this story possibly be about?  Well, I don't have a blurb because they are the bane of my writing existence and I haven't written it yet.  I can tell you it's a little Lara Croft (if she were a spoiled rich girl trying to find her missing father) and a little Indiana Jones (if he were a bad boy with tattoos and a soft spot for a certain spoiled rich girl).  I'm having a lot of fun writing this story and I feel it's a little more suspense/mystery than it is romance, but you never know what could happen. ;)

Stay tuned for more info on Cross My Heart...

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