Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reckless Radiance Release Day Celebration

Today I have some fun facts from Kate Roth about her new release Reckless Radiance!  I'm pretty excited for this.  She's a close friend of mine and I've been able to see this project come together.  I know you all will love it!

Now for some fun facts!!

This book has had many different incarnations so today I want to share with you some little known facts about the book and its previous versions.
  • ·         Originally Valerie and her best friend, Paige worked as hair stylists not diner waitresses
  • ·         In the first draft, Valerie met Russell at a night club
  • ·         The initial idea for this book came from the Maroon 5 song, “Wake Up Call”
  • ·         In that first concept Russell was a vampire…yeah it was 2007, don’t judge me.
  • ·         Penny’s Pie Diner is my own way of living out my dream of owning a little pie diner.
  • ·         I intentionally don’t address the state in which Valerie lives but the two towns she lives in, Somerset and Greensburg are both names of towns not too far apart in Kentucky.
  • ·         Just like my first novel, The Low Notes, most of this book (it’s original draft, anyway) was written in a hair salon.
  • ·         Two scenes from the book have barely changed since version 1.0, Valerie’s first memory of Gabriel and the confrontation between Valerie and Henry.
  • ·         Though the story is paranormal, I drew from two real-life stories of people I know and cherish and their second chances at true love.

After the loss of her childhood love, Valerie Gilmore runs away from the life she's always known to try to start again. Between her job as a diner waitress and her toxic relationship with the first guy to help her forget her past, Valerie feels more alone than ever before until she meets Russell. He's sweet but strange and Valerie can't help but think he's hiding something. He acts as though he knows her and he seems to be looking past her broken heart, straight into her soul.

Russell has pushed aside the ancient laws of his angel brethren to find Valerie and stay as close to her as possible. He’s forced to contemplate sharing the truth about what he is after a deadly turn of events cause Valerie to run away once more. His feelings for her and a promise he made long ago help him to realize he longs to leave his life as an angel behind for a chance at love.

Reckless Radiance is available on Amazon in ebook format and paperback.

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Kate will have fun content on her blog all week stop by www.katerothwrites.com to check it out!

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