Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hushed Teaser #1

Here a little bit from my current WIP (Hushed)...
*unedited and subject to change*

Tess zipped her stuffed suit case and pulled it off of her bed. It hit the floor with a thump and she sighed. Unease prickled her skin. How had she let Megan talk her into this?
“This is a bad idea,” she called through their apartment as she began dragging her luggage to the front door. Even in protest she was doing what her best friend and roommate had convinced her to do.
“Get over it, Tess. It’s spring break. Ten days at the beach! How could it not be fine?” Megan came into their living room with her hands on her hips.
Tess rolled her eyes. Yes, it was spring break. Yes, ten days at the beach sounded amazing. She loved the beach. What made this a bad idea was that this trip was planned when she and Jason were still a couple. They were going to his parent’s beach house. The whole group would be there and it would be mostly couples. Tess groaned internally as she frowned at her friend.
“I’m not riding in a car with him.” Tess stomped her foot. Megan lowered her dark gaze and raised an eyebrow. “What?” Tess shrieked.
“Of course you won’t ride with him. You’ll ride with me and Matt. Oooh, did you know Carter is bringing his new man?” Megan waggled her dark eyebrows grinning from ear to ear. It was a big deal that their friend Carter had found someone on campus worth dating. He was too picky for his own good.
“Yes, he told me,” Tess sighed. Megan sneered at her lack of enthusiasm and disappeared down the hall.
“You could at least sound happy for him,” Megan called from her bedroom.
Tess frowned and pouted as she flopped onto the couch. Just as she settled into the cushions Megan’s boyfriend, Matt, burst through the door.
“Come on, baby! The beach awaits!” Matt tripped over Tess’ bag and he caught himself on the arm of the couch. A laugh slipped from her as he pushed his auburn hair back from his forehead. Matt glared at the offending bag and then turned his anger on Tess.
“Sorry,” she muttered with a shrug.

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